Everything you want to know about treating cellulite!

What is cellulite?

Orange peel, dimples or moonscape – all names that come up when referring to the dreaded subject: cellulite. The well-known bumpy skin can have several causes:

  • Accumulation of fat cells
  • Adhesion of the connective tissue
  • Poor blood circulation
  • Sometimes sagging skin is confused with cellulite. You can recognize sagging skin by the horizontal stripes on the back of your legs. You can solve sagging skin by doing heavy strength training. This will cause your muscles to grow and your skin to tighten a bit. In addition, taking vitamin C and MSM daily can have a positive effect on collagen production. Read all information about MSM here.

    Many women feel insecure about cellulite formation. Cellulite can appear anywhere on the body. In addition to an unhealthy lifestyle, the extent to which you suffer from cellulite is largely determined genetically.

    The body type most affected by cellulite is the mesomorph.

    A: People with the 'ectomorphic' body type often have a slim and slim build. The ectomorph is rarely bothered by cellulite. If cellulite develops, it is on the abdomen.

    B: People with the 'mesomorphic' body type gradually develop muscle and/or fat throughout their body. When the mesomorph gains weight, cellulite can appear on the lower and upper body. However, when the mesomorph falls off, it quickly disappears again.

    C: People with the 'endomorph' body type generally have a high fat percentage, especially on the lower body. The chance of developing cellulite on the lower body is therefore greatest for this body type.

    Did you know:

  • 85% of women suffer from cellulite
  • That cellulite and cellulite are not the same? Cellulitis is a bacterial inflammation in the connective tissue that makes the skin feel red, warm and bumpy.
  • What are the causes of cellulite?

    It is important to know whether your cellulite was caused by a wrong lifestyle, hormone imbalance or genetic predisposition. If it is due to an unhealthy lifestyle, you can of course do a lot to change this.

    Below are a number of causes of cellulite that are associated with an (unhealthy) lifestyle:

  • Excessive drinking
  • Consuming soft drinks
  • Too much coffee (more than 3 per day)
  • Smoking
  • Consuming refined sugars
  • Little or no movement
  • Use of medication or the pill
  • Consuming soy products
  • Consuming too much dairy
  • Acidified body
  • What can you do to reduce cellulite?

    First of all, it is important to investigate to what extent you suffer from cellulite.

      Phase 1: My cellulite is only visible when I squeeze it
      Stage 2: My cellulite is only visible when I squeeze it or when I'm in the wrong light
      Phase 3: my cellulite is always slightly visible
      Phase 4: my cellulite is always clearly visible, even through my clothes

    It is not realistically possible to go from stage 4 to stage 1 cellulite. You can move up two steps. If you have stage 1 cellulite, it is possible to bring it all the way back to stage 0.

    Power supply

    Do you suffer from cellulite due to a hormonal imbalance? Then you should eat a lot of root vegetables such as broccoli and cauliflower. These vegetables contain the substance DIM, which optimizes hormone balance. You can also take DIM as a supplement. Vitamin C and MSM also contribute to collagen production to reduce cellulite.

    In addition, drink plenty of water with preferably a pH value of 8.

    To move

    Exercise has a number of benefits for reducing cellulite. First of all, exercise contributes to blood circulation, which improves the removal of waste products. In addition, exercise ensures higher fat burning, which makes fat deposits less visible. Combine the training with a balanced diet. This way you stimulate muscle growth and fat burning for smooth, tight skin.


    Cupping is an age-old method to loosen adherent connective tissue, level fat deposits and stimulate blood circulation. It may be a bit painful at first, but as the fat deposits diminish, the treatment will become increasingly smoother. It is a cheap solution that you can always perform on yourself. The MKBM Cellulite Cups last a lifetime and are resistant to boiling. This way you keep the cups hygienic.

    How should you cup?

    Follow the step-by-step plan below to be able to cup at home.

      Step 2: Choose the right cup size (the larger the problem area, the larger the cup).
      Step 3: Press the top of the cup firmly with both thumbs and place the cup on the skin. Make sure the cup has a good vacuum.
      Step 4: Slide the cup over the skin using circular and zigzagging movements.

    Start with 1 minute per zone and build up to 7 minutes per zone. Repeat this treatment every other day and reduce this to once a week once you have achieved the desired result.

    More information about cupping? watch the video


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