MKBM Turmeric

Why our Turmeric is so good for your health

The active ingredient in turmeric is called curcumin. If too few antioxidants are present, the body cannot defend itself enough against harmful free radicals. These free radicals make our body themselves, but can also come from the outside. Curcumin is able to immediately remove excess free radicals. It stimulates the immune system by regulating the production of various cells that kill invaders such as viruses and bacteria.

In addition to the many health benefits, curcumin ensures beautiful skin, because it cleanses and detoxifies the skin. It works nourishing and moisturizing, making your skin glow. Curcumin can also be used in the treatment of various skin conditions, such as acne and eczema. Turmeric can also support weight loss by preventing the formation of new fat cells and fat storage in the cells.

The micelle technology ensures almost 100% absorption in our body!

Thanks to the patented key technology of our Turmeric oil, fat-soluble substances, such as Turmeric, are packaged in water-soluble casings. These sheaths are called micelles. As a result, the Turmeric is no longer excreted largely unused, but 99.9% is absorbed into your body within 30 minutes.

The micelle technology ensures an almost 100% absorption of our Turmeric oil.