All you need to know about protein

What is protein?

First, we would like to make one thing absolutely clear: protein = egg whites. These two words are sometimes confused, but they mean the same thing. Protein is an important nutrient in the body. It even is one of three macro-nutrients! Together with fats and carbohydrates, protein is essential for a fit and healthy body. The nutrient protein is necessary for the preservation, maintenance, recovery and strengthening of muscle mass. It is a fuel that supplies energy to the muscles. Protein also plays a role in making sure your bones stay strong.

The word protein is also often associated with fanatical body builder-types who live on protein shakes. This is a misconception. Protein is a nutrient of the body and therefore vital for everyone! Also if you exercise very little. Per kilo of body weight, you need 0.8 gram of protein on daily basis. If you exercise regularly, you need 1.6 grammes of protein per kilo of body weight.

Example: Example: if you weigh 60 kilos and exercise very little, you will require at least 48 grammes on a daily basis. With a healthy, balanced and protein-rich diet, you can fulfil this daily requirement. If you find it difficult to fulfil the daily requirement of protein, you can help your body by consuming protein-rich products.

Protein table for non-athletes

food Protein in grams How much needed to reach daily protein requirement (rounded number)
Chicken fillet (100 grams) 20 2,5
Egg (50 gram) 6,5 7
Tuna fish (120 grams) 28,5 1,5
Bowl of porridge(250 g) 10 5
Bowl of quark (150 g) 17 3

Protein table for vegetarians

food Protein in grams How much needed to reach daily protein requirement (rounded number)
Brussels sprouts (100 grams) 4 12
Fresh spinach (100 grams) 2,5 19
Chickpeas (100 grams) 18 2,5
Lentils (100 grams) 10 5
Oatmeal (100 grams) 13 3,5

f you find it difficult to fulfil the required daily amount of protein, MKBM offers protein supplements to help you meet your needs. Also suitable for vegetarians.

Did you know?

  • Protein has a positive effect on the health and vitality of your hair (growth)
  • These days, there are countless vegan products with a high protein content. This protein is often derived from peas.
  • You will satisfy your hunger more quickly if you eat a protein-rich diet
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