From February 2023, a major change will take place. All MKBM nutritional supplements become Killerbody. This means that your favorite products, including Slimming Powder and Meal Shake, get a new look.

What will Killerbody be?

The following products will fall under the Killerbody brand from February 2023:

  • MKBM Slimming Powder
  • MKBM Meal Shake
  • MKBM Vegan Protein
  • MKBM Protein Pancakes
  • These products not only get a new look, but are also improved in taste and more sustainable. Slimming Powder and Meal Shake will also be available at Albert Heijn from week 7.

    What remains MKBM?

    MKBM isn't going anywhere. In recent years, MKBM has grown into a lifestyle brand that stands for health, balance, success and spirituality. On our website you will find numerous blogs on these topics and you can be inspired by the many training and motivation videos from Fajah and guest bloggers.

    MKBM products are an extension of the online platform with a focus on books, clothing, physical and skin care.

    Stay informed

    Follow the latest news regarding the rebranding on this page and via our Instagram channel.

    MKBM becomes Killerbody

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