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  • Information about the underlying cause of diseases and disorders
  • Natural solutions for dozens of misunderstood diseases and conditions
  • A solution for recovery of mind and soul when an illness has taken an emotional toll on you


Anthony William, the Medical Medium, has helped tens of thousands of people worldwide heal from conditions where doctors could not find a good diagnosis, the treatment was not effective enough or had no solution. From Anthony's fourth year, he hears a voice that gives him crystal clear information about people around him. He knows how to give them exact information about their health and the underlying cause and remedy for complaints and disorders. To this day Anthony has achieved spectacular results. Even doctors who can no longer help their patients seek Anthony's help.

In this revolutionary book, Anthony talks about how he became a medium early in life and how this had an impact on his own life and development. He also shares his knowledge of what he has learned in the past 25 years about how we can heal, the reason why this information will not be picked up in the coming decades by mainstream medicine and the enormous power of natural food and lifestyle. In addition, he shares knowledge that has never been so clearly described in any other place, such as the real cause of Lyme disease and the thyroid disease Hashimoto.

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