MKBM Cellulite Cups

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Cellulite is a subcutaneous fat accumulation where the connective tissue is disrupted by fat. The fat is pushed to the outside whilst the skin is pulled inwards. The visible result is enlarged skin relief, bulges, dimples and dents on the hips, legs and bottom. The Dutch also call it ‘skin of an orange’.


Our MKBM Cellulite Cups not only help you to stimulate the circulation and drain waste products, but it will also massage the area to loosen up the fat accumulation. The treatment is not painless, but that is a sacrifice you will have to make… The advantage of the MKBM Cellulite Cups is that you can do it yourself in your own time. A one time investment. Use the MKBM Cellulite Cups to treat your problem zones on a daily basis and decrease the visibility of cellulite.


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